Watson – Semantic Web Search

“Watson” is a very interesting tool that allows you to search the [Semantic] Web for semantically anotated documents containing your search items. You can use its web interface or its API to fetch results.

  • Web interface: http://watson.kmi.open.ac.uk/WatsonWUI/
    • “a list of URIs of semantic documents in which the keywords appear as identifiers or in literals of classes, properties, and individuals.”

For example, if you search by “Government”, you’ll get:

Watson (Screenshot)

Watson (Screenshot)

Ontologies and other document types will be fetched (OWL, RDF, DAML+OIL, RDF-S).

You can then navigate inside the documents do get more details:

Watson ontology details

Watson ontology details

If you navigate to “Person”, you get the ontology definition:



Try it!


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