New e-Book: “VMware™ hypervisor fingerprinting”

Just published a new e-book at “VMware™ hypervisor fingerprinting”.

You can find it here:

«In this book, we show how to determine hypervisor properties by running commands in the guest operating system, without any special privileges in the host machine running the hypervisor. This can be useful for penetration testing, information gathering, determining the best software configuration for virtualization-sensitive and virtualization-aware software. Finally, we present a reporting tool that unifies all the presented methods, by running them all in sequence and gathering the information in a useful report that can be run from any guest system.»


Obsoletech tools now on GitHub

Free Software for old equipment


You can check Obsoletech tools at


  • DVD recovery tools
  • Super 8 conversion tools
  • Retro-computing tools, old games and old utilities

This is a work in progress, more utilities to come in the future.

All tools are Free Software (GPL license), you are free to use them and/or modify them.

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Writing and the Use of Trademark Words

How to use “trademark” words in your books

Colleen Anderson

Creative Commons–

The use of trademarks is a very litigious business for those who commit infractions. You better not title your strawberry drink Coca-Cola, or call your car design the Toyota Prius or Toyota Pumpernickel. Most of this seems obvious. The maker and manufacturer own the right to that brand and no one will ride on their fame and steal their sales. It can get as contentious as the famed Disney lawyers who have actually trotted into a little flea market and told a woman to cease and desist in selling clothes made with Disney trademarked designs. The fabric was bought legally; it was the fact that she was trying to sew the cloth into clothing and sell that, that Disney objected to. Lawyers for Marvel contacted Vancouver media at one point and told them to stop calling a particular cat burglar (who climbed the side of buildings ) Spider-Man…

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