BFT-SMaRt is: Byzantine fault-tolerant state machine replication

BFT-SMaRt is a high-performance Byzantine fault-tolerant state machine replication library developed in Java with simplicity and robustness as primary requirements. Our main objective is to provide a code base that can be used to build dependable services and also extended to create new protocols.

Check it out here:


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  1. vindalho · December 6, 2017

    Cachin, C., & Vukolić, M. (2017). Blockchains Consensus Protocols in the Wild. arXiv preprint arXiv:1707.01873.
    “Actual systems that implement PBFT or one of its variants are much harder to find than systems implementing Paxos/VSR. In fact, BFT-SMaRt (…) is the only known project that was developed before the interest in permissioned blockchains surged around 2015 [70]. Actually, Bessani et al. [9, 8] from the University of Lisbon started work on it around 2010. There is widespread agreement today that BFT-SMaRt is the most advanced and most widely tested im- plementation of a BFT consensus protocol available. Experiments have demonstrated that it can reach a throughput of about 80’000 transactions per second in a LAN [9] and very low latency overhead in a WAN [68].”

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