My new e-book “Deep VMware™ Guest Tools and Guest-Hypervisor communication” at Amazon

Just published my new e-book “Deep VMware™ Guest Tools and Guest-Hypervisor communication” at Amazon.

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Most virtualization platforms provide some sort of mechanism of communication between the the hypervisor and its guest virtual machines. “Open VM Tools” is a set of tools that implements such communication mechanisms for VMware™ virtual machines and hypervisors. In this book we analyze each of these these tools and APIs, from high-level usage to low-level communication details, between the guest and the host. This information can be used for a better understating of what actually happens when using a guest machine with these tools. It can also be used as inspiration for using and extending guest-hypervisor communication and penetration testing.

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New e-Book: “VMware™ hypervisor fingerprinting”

Just published a new e-book at “VMware™ hypervisor fingerprinting”.

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«In this book, we show how to determine hypervisor properties by running commands in the guest operating system, without any special privileges in the host machine running the hypervisor. This can be useful for penetration testing, information gathering, determining the best software configuration for virtualization-sensitive and virtualization-aware software. Finally, we present a reporting tool that unifies all the presented methods, by running them all in sequence and gathering the information in a useful report that can be run from any guest system.»